Have questions about the Camp Fairs? We have answers! Below are answers to some of the more frequent questions we are asked regarding the fairs. If your question hasn't been answered here, please contact Lauren Purcell, our Camp Fair Coordinator.

Skytours can assist in customizing your camp fair flights to include extra travel time or additional cities.  Please note any additional cost for extended stays or additional destinations will be invoiced directly to camp.

The biggest value our camp fairs provide is the opportunity for our camps to meet and hire staff face-to-face and also allow our participants to speak to lots of different camps! We do expect that camps attending a camp fair intend to hire a minimum of at least 10 participants (on 1 or 2 city trips) and 15 participants (on 3 city trips). Our participants attend the camp fairs with the excitement and expectation of finding a placement for the summer. The more job spots available at each fair, the better the chance our participants have of getting a placement on the day! If you do not feel you will meet the minimum requirements, please speak to your Placement Coordinator about alternative hiring options.

*Please note- there is NO minimum hire amount for the ‘Booth Only’ option.

If you are traveling on a US passport, you do not require a visa to attend any of our camp fairs with the exception of Australia. Australia requires Americans to obtain an ETA (electronic visa) in advance of arrival. Your travel agent can arrange this for you OR you can do it online. The cost is $25 (correct at the time of print).

Camp fair attendees traveling on a non-US passport should enquire directly with the Embassy for each country they will be visiting, as to whether a visa is required. If so, you will be responsible for obtaining your own visa for that country. This is not facilitated by CCUSA.

Please note that some countries require US passport holders to have a US passport that is valid for up to 6 months from the return date of your trip (eg- if you are due to return from your trip on Jan 20th, your passport must be valid until June 20th), otherwise you may be denied boarding by the airline. This rule is absolute for Mexico and sometimes enforced in other countries. If your passport is NOT valid for 6 months beyond the date you are scheduled to return from your camp fair trip, please ensure that you renew your passport before you travel. If you are denied boarding, your camp will be invoiced for the full cost the flight and any other non-refundable costs.

While we would love to meet your spouse/children at some point, the simple answer to this question is, No. Camp fairs are intended for full-time camp staff only. If you wish to make separate arrangements (independently) for your spouse or child to travel with you, you are welcome to do so, but we ask that only camp staff be present at the actual camp fair. If your spouse or child is, in fact, a full time employee of your camp, then they may attend as the 2nd attendee for your camp.

Yes, CCUSA offers a 2nd attendee option at an additional cost to camp. Certain Loyalty Rewards levels allow for a free 2nd attendee. Click here for more details on our Loyalty Rewards benefits